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Why is air balancing important?

Though this may sound like a circus act, it is an integral part of airflow.  

Tri-County HVAC, Inc. specializes in air balancing and has invested a considerable amount of resources in the proper equipment to detect problems in airflow. 

Air balancing and airflow are a crucial component in making sure your heating/cooling equipment is not only running properly and efficiently, but that the air is flowing to and from the intended parts of the home or building. 

What is Air Balancing?

Tri-Count HVAC Air Balancing and Air FlowWe use specialized equipment that includes meters that measure the following two things:

  1. The airflow coming out of each register
  2. The air being pulled back to the furnace through the return grille.

Our equipment also tells us how much air is being pushed into every room. By adding these figures together, we can determine whether the furnace will need to be sped up or slowed down for maximum airflow efficiency. It can also determine whether or not the ductwork is adequate for the application.

Commercial and Residential

Air balancing is mostly done on the commercial side, but is also important in residential applications. Many times, by conducting air-balancing tests, we find that the HVAC equipment is under-performing due to ductwork being undersized for its intended application.

Tri-County HVAC, Inc. has worked on numerous jobs where undersized ductwork was the root of the problem.  In those cases, the problem was solved by replacing the ductwork; not the equipment.  You can see why it is important to correctly diagnose the problem or you may be throwing money away on new equipment that is not needed.