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Free estimates on new installations

Tri-County offers a free on-site consultation and written estimate for all new equipment installations.

Give us a call today to schedule a time for the owner, Dennis, to come to your place of business to discuss your heating and cooling needs.

We’ll find just the right light commercial packaged unit for your building.

Ovation Series from Luxaire

The Ovation Series of packaged rooftop units are designed to deliver exceptional comfort for your unique climate.

3 benefits of the Ovation Series

  • 1. Energy efficient
  • 2. Quietness
  • 3. Reliability

With many options available, the Ovation packaged units offer flexibility to fit your needs and are environmentally friendly with many being ENERGY STAR-rated.

We offer a wide variety of light commercial rooftop packaged units designed to do the following.

  • Improve comfort
  • Reduce energy costs
  • Protect indoor air quality
  • Deliver reliable operation all year round

Installation by Portland HVAC contractors

Commercial Radiant Heater InstallationEven when you buy the most efficient equipment, it still needs to be installed correctly to perform at maximum efficiency.

Server room too hot?

A mini-split will keep it cool.

Mini-splits (or ductless heat pumps) are perfect for server rooms that require a cooler environment for sensitive computer equipment or an office that needs additional heating or cooling to be comfortable.

Mini-split systems are easier and faster to install (there’s no ductwork) plus they’re efficient so they offer comfort at a great price.

Radiant heaters bring the heat where you need it

Commercial Radiant Tube HeatersWe offer a variety of high and low intensity radiant heaters (also called tube heaters, spot heaters or box heaters) to solve even the most difficult heating problems, such as heating high bay areas in a warehouse.

From portable construction heaters to space heaters to forced draft systems (push) to draft induced systems (pull), we’ll find the right heater for your business.

Are you looking for heating and air conditioning solutions for your Portland area business?

From restaurants to retail stores to office buildings, Tri-County HVAC offers light commercial heating and cooling solutions for your Portland business. As a Luxaire dealer, we offer the most dependable and energy efficient commercial HVAC equipment available. From designing your new system to the installation to ongoing maintenance, Tri-County is the full service HVAC company for which you’ve been searching.

Whether we are installing HVAC equipment in new construction or part of a tenant improvement or providing a simple solution for cooling a server room, our technicians can handle the job. Our high level of customer retention over our years in business is our best advertising and we’re proud of it.

Replacement for rooftop units in Portland Oregon

Commercial rooftop HVAC unit

Tri-County HVAC is excited to offer a new solution for Portland businesses wanting to upgrade their HVAC system to more energy efficient one. The Luxaire Eclipse CDR (Competitive Direct Replacement) is new on the market and is a great replacement for your existing commercial rooftop unit.

Why is the Luxaire Eclipse better?

A transition curb is usually needed when replacing the rooftop unit with a different brand of equipment. This adds to the cost because there’s more materials and labor involved plus there’s the potential problem of height restriction (adds height to finished install).

This is why the Luxaire Eclipse is a better solution for retrofitting HVAC systems. It was designed to sit perfectly on the existing curb with the gas, electric and drain components in exact alignment. This saves money and because the equipment is Luxaire, it comes with the same great warranties as all their other equipment.

Features and benefits of the Luxaire Eclipse CDR

  • Heavier base rails to prevent damage during transport and installation
  • Panels are embossed for stronger structural support (won’t sag)
  • Powder-coated finish for more durability
  • Micro-Channel aluminum condensers-improved heat transfer and reduces refrigerant charge
  • Evaporator coils use copper tube with aluminum fin for better performance
  • 2” filters but can be converted in field to 4” filters (others are limited to 2”)
  • Works with Simplicity SE (Smart Equipment) Controls
  • Seismic testing-OSP certified to Sds of 2.5 (others only 2.0)
  • Built in the U.S.A.

Energy efficient commercial HVAC systems save you money

Our design build team will work with you from the very beginning to ensure you’ll receive equipment that meets your comfort level while staying within your budget. Our experienced technicians will make sure your equipment installation meets or exceeds all city, county and state regulations as well as factory requirements.

Our energy efficient commercial HVAC systems can work for cooling only or cooling with electric heat, gas heat or a heat pump so depending on your needs, we have the solution.

Simplicity Controls

Luxaire Ovation SeriesThe Ovation Series from Luxaire includes Simplicity Controls-it’s a built-in brain that requires no additional controls. It includes single button programming and continuously monitors your entire HVAC system. All alarms and diagnostic data are transmitted to your computer or can be checked online at any time. This constant supervision means your building manager) will always have the most current data at his or her fingertips and if something does go wrong (or is about to), you’ll know immediately.