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Furnace maintenance will cut down on furnace repairs

This is true for all your heating and cooling equipment. Quite often, small problems are only noticeable to an experienced technician doing a routine maintenance checkup and would not cause problems a typical homeowner would notice.

When small problems are left unchecked, they will eventually develop into something bigger, such as an unwanted breakdown and this is much more expensive to fix than the smaller original problem.

5-year guarantee

Tri-County is committed to our customer’s satisfaction long after a service repair. We proudly extend to all our Planned Service Agreement customers a full 5-year service guarantee on any repair we make, with no overtime for the lifetime of the agreement. Over the life of your system, this can add up to hundreds of dollars of future savings.

Experienced HVAC technician working on your heating and cooling equipment

Not all service companies are created equal and Tri-County works hard to make sure all our customers receive superior service every time. When our HVAC technician comes to your home, we guarantee they have completed the necessary initial training as well as many hours of on-going training and study programs to keep up-to-date on the current technology.

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Did you know preventative maintenance makes your equipment last longer?

Tri-County now offers service plans to Portland homeowners.

Tri-County HVAC Residential Maintenance ServiceTri-County HVAC provides preventative maintenance for heating and cooling equipment in Portland area homes. No matter what make or model of furnace, heat pump or air conditioner you have in your house, our technicians can service your equipment. 

Why maintenance is important

Maintenance is an important part of keeping one of your home’s most expensive investments from turning into an unnecessary cost or worse yet, a crisis. It’s easy to think about cutting out regular maintenance but we know that like a car, taking care of your home’s heating and cooling system makes sense and will save you money over the lifetime of the equipment.

3 benefits of preventative maintenance

  • 1. Save money on energy usage as equipment runs more efficiently
  • 2. Chance of a major breakdown decreases
  • 3. Life of your equipment is extended

Tri-County HVAC Preventative MaintenanceWhat is our Planned Service Agreement (PSA)?

Our PSA is a preventative maintenance plan to keep your home’s HVAC equipment operating at peak efficiency. It’s great for both of us as you receive a great value and exceptional service while we maintain our relationship with valued customer.

Here’s what your receive with a Planned Service Agreement (PSA) from Tri-County HVAC

  • 5-year service repair guarantee on any repair we make as long as you own our PSA
  • Lifetime No Overtime charges as long as you own a PSA
  • VIP treatment means you get ‘front of the line’ service whenever you need it
  • Always receive our lowest rate (15% savings)
  • Maintain your factory warranties